BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider

Course Type:

Healthcare Provider – BLS

The Healthcare Provider CPR Course has a new name: BLS Provider

ATTENTION: With the launch of the new 2015 Guidelines BLS Provider Course, the American Heart Association no longer offers a BLS renewal option. As an American Heart Association Training Center, Southeastern School of Health Sciences has transitioned all BLS for Healthcare Provider Courses and BLS for Healthcare Provider Renewal Courses to BLS Provider courses.  All healthcare professionals, regardless of experience level, will take the BLS Provider Course every two years.

This class is required for all healthcare professionals including students pursuing a career in the healthcare field. If you are a CNA, Dental Professional, EMT, Firefighter, Nurse, Paramedic, or Physician this is the class for you!

Choose the Classroom Option or Online Heartcode Course with in-office skill session



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