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Guidelines 2010 – Released by the American Heart Association
The “2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC” were published on Monday, October 18. All information about the 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC is easily accessible at www.heart.org/eccguidelines or the AHA Instructor Network.

New Guidelines
If you are unable to attend one of the AHA’s two planned, in person Guidelines Instructor Updates, AHA will offer the updates online. These updates will be available to Instructors via the AHA Instructor Network in mid-to late November, following the official AHA ECC Guidelines Instructor Conference in Chicago on November 12. Instructors must be registered and confirmed on the AHA Instructor Network to take this update: www.scientificsessions.americanheart.org/eccportal/ecc/ecc.


How do I participate in an update for Guidelines 2010?
The online update will be available on the American Heart Association Instructor network after November 12, 2010. Each instructor must register on the instructor network and complete the update. www.scientificsessions.americanheart.org/eccportal/ecc/ecc.

I have seen the published information about Guidelines 2010, can I just start teaching this new information?
No, all instructors must participate in the online update before teaching Guidelines 2010.

Is there a deadline for changing to Guidelines 2010? Can I just add this new information when I am ready?
According to the American Heart Association, ALL instructors must be updated and add Guidelines 2010 to courses by March 1, 2011. All courses taught after March 1, 2011 must incorporate the new science into the courses.

When will the new materials to teach Guidelines 2010 be available for purchase?
AHA training materials updated to reflect new Guidelines will launch throughout 2011. AHA ECC Training Centers (TCs) and Instructors will have up to 60 days following the release of a 2011 printed product line to deplete their supply of current materials and begin using the updated materials that reflect the 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC. 60 days after product release, only new materials can be used to teach courses. Instructors can begin using new materials as soon as they have completed their required product updates.

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