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Why Become a CNA?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has one of the most important roles in the healthcare industry. CNAs help to create a bridge between medical staff and patients, providing hands-on assistance to both groups. It’s often an overlooked position when people are considering a career in the medical field, but there are many good reasons to take a close look at the CNA option.

The primary reason is growing job demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts tremendous expansion of the healthcare industry overall; more specifically, they expect job growth of about 20% for Certified Nursing Assistants between now and 2020. That means approximately 300,000 new CNA jobs will be created over the next 3-4 years. In addition, salary increases for CNAs are forecast at about the same growth rate for the same time period, meaning higher pay is also projected for all CNAs.

With that projected growth as the backdrop, here are some other key reasons to consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant:

1. It’s a great way to sample the healthcare field. You may be thinking about a career in the medical world, but you have no idea if it even suits you. Becoming a CNA is a relatively quick and inexpensive route to a job in the industry.
2. You can quickly make a difference in people’s lives. CNAs work closely with patients and their families, which give you the opportunity to affect people in a very positive way every day. The work is often very rewarding because you see the difference you make with the help you provide.
3. Job stability is excellent. The need for CNAs is high, and the forecast cited above shows that the demand is expected to continue and even grow.
4. Job options are numerous. As a CNA, you may choose to work in home health care, a retirement community, or maybe a busy hospital. CNAs are in demand all over the healthcare industry, and that gives you the flexibility to choose a work environment that suits you.
5. Job flexibility is good. Patient care is needed all day every day; as a CNA, you can usually create a job schedule that fits your life. Days, nights, weekends – choose the work hours that work for you.
6. It can be a bridge to other healthcare careers. Many people become CNAs, love the work, and continue it as a permanent career. Other folks get a taste of the medical field as a CNA and then decide to pursue other careers within healthcare. Becoming a CNA allows you to work with other medical professionals, which gives you a valuable foundation should you decide to pursue a related career (Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Physician).
7. It can help you care for your own family. You may find that the skills you use at work as a CNA are sometimes valuable for your family as well. In fact, we have had many students who came to the CNA profession because of a family member that needed care.

Are you looking for a new career in the healthcare industry? Consider the value of the Certified Nursing Assistant. Sign Up for one of our CNA classes today!

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